Tokyo Police Club - The Rock Cut Feature Band of the Week!

Tokyo Police Club is back with with a brand new album "Forcefield". AND it is AWESOME! Listen to a few choice tracks here!

16:50 minutes (15.42 MB)

Mano A Mano Saves the station AGAIN!

Whether it be from the evil ManoKnight, Corrupt Payolla Ash Wilson, The SoundFM Stealer or electrical problems. Mano A Mano is there to protect the SoundFM station at whatever cost!

Not only that DJ Adrock throws out a dedication to an old pal who just got engaged as the first moments back on air!

16:19 minutes (14.95 MB)

DJ Gogalesha returns to the SoundFM Studio!

DJ Gogalesha returned to the Mano A Mano/SoundFM studio to talk about a few new video games and life in the Waterloo Elementary school system. Infused with great tunes this is a not to be missed conversation with one of SoundFM's top DJ's.

49:19 minutes (45.16 MB)

DJ Adrock puts his mouth in Death From Above 1979's shoes.

DJ AdRock was able to meet up with Death From Above 1979 a while back when they played in Kitchener. He was able to go back stage and put his mouth in there shoes and the result is what you can hear right here on Mano A Mano!

8:01 minutes (7.34 MB)

Episode 6 Part B: The Final Intervention

The Video for this final installment of The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff will be released November 2nd at the Kitchener arts festival Night/Shift.

for more info and to download the FREE Book visit:

29:46 minutes (27.25 MB)

Episode 6 Part A (The Plan) The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff

Here is part one of two to the finale of our Audio Series "The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff" This Episode features artwork Amanda Hordyk and even more great Canadian Bands!

24:00 minutes (21.98 MB)

The Klausterfokken Returns for a 9:30PM Start Tonight!

Did you know that being addicted to the Klaüsterfökken is a medically accepted condition? Well... it certainly is!

Even more so than feeling compelled to lick another's eyeballs, or even than eating human feces. That is why tonight, the Klaüsterfökken reigns from 9:30-midnight instead of the usual 10pm start!

With more alligator content, lingerie, blow up dolls and soy sauce than ever before - there is a risk never ending testicular and vaginal rocking and rolling.

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