So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 20, 2017

  1. The Guess Who, No Sugar Tonight
  2. The Guess Who, Star Baby
  3. The Guess Who, Hang On To Your Life
  4. The Guess Who, Sour Suite
  5. The Guess Who, Share The Land
  6. Headstones, Marigold
  7. Headstones, Hindsight
  8. Headstones, Unsound
  9. Headstones, Teeth And Tissue
  10. BTO, Blue Collar
  11. BTO, Let It Ride
  12. BTO, Gimme Your Money Please
  13. BTO, She’s A Devil
  14. BTO, Quick Change Artist
  15. BTO, Blown
  16. Bruce Cockburn, Peggy’s Kitchener Wall
  17. Bruce Cockburn, The Coldest Night Of The Year
  18. Rush, The Way The Wind Blows
  19. Rush, Malignant Narcissism
  20. Rush, Cinderella Man
  1. Rush, Cygnus X-1
  2. Chilliwack, Arms Of Mary
  3. Chilliwack, Communication Breakdown
  4. Chilliwack, Baby Blue
  5. Chilliwack, Crazy Talk
  6. 54-40, She La
  7. 54-40, Unbend
  8. 54-40, Miss You

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/03/08 – International Women’s Day

Rebel Time Radio is here with a brand spankin’ new episode all about International Women’s Day! We know the episode was late, but since our first attempt at an IWD show failed, we tried it again.  And we gotta say, it’s quite rocking!

Mike and Dan serve up a bunch of classic bands  and lesser known bands featuring women in punk rock, including X-Ray Spex, The Distillers, Whorehouse of Representatives and Alien Boys.

So get ready to listen to some awesome punk tunes to celebrate International Women’s Day – hit play and rock out!

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Tonight’s set:

  1. I Object – Intro/Like A Billboard
  2. War On Women – Glass City
  3. X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours
  4. Moral Hex – Paranoia
  5. Bikini Kill – Suck My Left One
  6. The Distillers – Seneca Falls
  7. Fea – Poor Little Rich Girl
  8. Ambition Mission – Cutie Pie (Hickey cover)
  9.  Hiretsukan – Manual Function
  10. Inkubus Sukkubus – The Rape of Maude Bowen
  11. Jeunesse Apatride – I’ll Be Your Friend
  12. Jim Murple Memorial – Work Song
  13. Dirt – Deaf Dumb and Male
  14. The Selecter – On My Radio
  15. L7 – Everglade
  16. Vice Squad – Stand Strong Stand Proud
  17. RVIVR – LMD
  18. The Measure [sa] – How To Thrash A Million
  19. Whorehouse of Representatives – Greed is a Disease
  20. Che Chapter 127 – Kill The Ones Who Question
  21. The Muffs – I Don’t Like You
  22. Tilt – Minister of Culture
  23. Unsanitary Napkin – Jerkin’ Back and Forth (Devo cover)
  24. The Bags – Survive
  25. Alien Boys – Anthem
  26. Ballast – But After The Gig (Reprise)
  27. The Curse – I Accuse You
  28. Heyoka – Sous Contrôle

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The Lost Indie City ” Guitarists” set list March 17 2017

The Lost Indie City “Guitarists” set list March 17 2017

My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow
Sonic Youth – 100%
Dino Jr – Out There
Sugar – Your Favourite Thing
The Smiths – Sheila Take A Bow
Radiohead – Anyone can play Guitar
The Cult – Phoenix
The Seahorses – Love is the Law
U2 – Zoo Station
Icicle Works – Evangeline
New Order – Leave Me Alone
Killing Joke – Euphoria
Aztec Camera – We Could Send Letters
Peter Gabriel – Lay your hands on me
Arctic Monkeys – Why’d you only call…
The Strokes – You only live once
White Stripes – Little Cream Soda
The Pixies – Velouria
Ministry – Roadhouse Blues
RATM – Bombtrack
Black Flag – My War
Ramones – Pinhead
Social Distortion – Dear Lover
Nirvana – Floyd the Barber
Pearl Jam – Unthought known
Television – Prove It


Here is “Through The Ropes”, PWA’s Official Radio Correspondent and K-W’s #1 wrestling podcast! Be sure to tune in to 100.3 this Monday 2-4 PM for the rebroadcast of this episode of Through The Ropes! We will also have another follow up show this Thursday LIVE 4-6 PM.

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In this episode of TTR, we review the PWA event at the Alpine Club that was on March 11th 2017. You can check out Parts 1 and 2 down below.

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Part 1

Check out PWA on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

Part 2

We will see you May 13th at the Alpine Club!

PWA Pure Wrestling Champion and Company Owner Eddie Osbourne Interview on TUSPonCKMS: Through The Ropes

The past seven days here the Old Boemer Box building has had many huge PWA talent come by. It peaked when we had PWA Pure Wrestling Champ and Company owner Eddie Osbourne finally come by the CKMS studio.

Here is him talking some smack on his opponent he left high and dry this past weekend.

We also got to chat with him about the new PWA Trinidad & Tobago promotion launching later this month!

We were so honored and thrilled to have Pure Wrestling Association owner and Pure Wrestling Champion Eddie Osbourne drop by. Check out the parts 1 and 2 of the whole interview down below.

Part 1

Part 2

We wish Eddie the best and a safe flight back home before he flys down to T&T!

Community radio collaboration culminates as CKMS changes frequencies and CKRZ comes to Waterloo region.

On March 15th Waterloo Region’s CKMS moves to 102.7 on the FM dial, opening space for Ohsweken’s
CKRZ to expand their broadcast range on 100.3FM.

Radio listeners in Waterloo region tuning into 100.3FM will now hear Six Nation’s “The Voice of the Grand” as
they boost their power to 1000 watts. The switch to 102.7FM for CKMS will launch the station’s 40th
anniversary celebrations, and mark a refocusing of their image, dropping the “Sound FM” brand in favour of
the original “Radio Waterloo”.

Radio Waterloo’s current president, Nat Persaud says of the frequency change, “After four years it is great to
complete this project, to have CKRZ’s unique programming in the region, and to refresh CKMS as we move
into a year of celebration.” Commenting on the re­branding of the station, Persaud adds, “we feel that
returning to CKMS’s roots as
Radio Waterloo will help us celebrate the whole region and all the communities
we serve here.”

Barry Rooke, the Executive Directory of the National Community and Campus Radio Association (NCRA)
says of the project, “It’s great to see the community broadcasting sector working together. Both organizations
will benefit from the change, being able to better serve the communities they strive so hard to do.”

While CKMS has been broadcasting on 100.3FM since 1992, Mark Ciesluk, president of Radio Waterloo
when CKMS was approached about the project, says the decision to switch was made rather easily. “When
CKRZ approached us to discuss swapping frequencies, the CKMS board of directors jumped at the chance to
work in partnership with our friends and neighbours from the Indigenous community of Six Nations. We feel
that CKMS’ mandate to champion local engagement with radio broadcasting extends to lending a hand to help
keep the FM radio landscape of Southwestern Ontario both vibrant and representative.”

Looking to the future, Ciesluk added, “It is my hope that both CKRZ and CKMS will find much success in their
new homes on the dial as they continue this tradition into the next decade and beyond. Goodbye, 100.3! Hello,

With CKMS’s frequency shift and the signal boost complete at CKRZ, president Persaud states, “CKRZ’s
programming adds an important voice to Waterloo Region and Radio Waterloo’s shift to 102.7FM sets a new
stage as we build upon our 40 years in the community.”

For more information on the frequency change collaboration project or other information about
CKMS contact:
Nat Persaud ­ President Radio Waterloo Inc ­
Background: CKMS has been broadcasting to Waterloo Region since 1977, first on 94.5FM and from 1992, on 100.3FM.
The station was founded as a campus/community operation at the University of Waterloo, and was funded largely
through student levy until 2008. In response to the change in funding Radio Waterloo has been operating as a
cooperative volunteer run organisation, funded through membership fees, programmer contributions, and other
fundraising efforts.


From:: Grand River Community News

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 13, 2017

  1. The Beatles, Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?
  2. The Band, Atlantic City
  3. Blue Oyster Cult, Black Blade
  4. Black Sabbath, Spiral Architect
  5. Bad Company, Leaving You
  6. Blood, Sweat & Tears, 40,000 Headmen
  7. Cream, Cat’s Squirrel
  8. David Bowie, Scream Like A Baby
  9. Chicago, Sing A Mean Tune Kid
  10. Deep Purple, Nobody’s Home
  11. Foghat, Take It Or Leave It
  12. Rory Gallagher, Out On The Western Plain
  13. Jethro Tull, Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
  14. The Kinks, Big Black Smoke
  15. The Rolling Stones, Time Waits For No One
  16. Led Zeppelin, In The Evening
  17. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dead Man Walkin’
  18. Pink Floyd, Sheep
  19. Queen, The Prophet’s Song
  20. Rush, The Main Monkey Business
  21. Dire Straits, Ride Across The River
  22. The Allman Brothers Band, In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (live at Fillmore East)

TUSPonCKMS presents: Through The Ropes from March 9th 2017

This weeks episode of TUSPonCKMS was a huge one. Probably the biggest show to date. It was a perfect final show on the 100.3 frequency as we are switching over to 102.7 March 15h. We had the commissioner of the PWA Michelle King come by the studio and sit down with us to see how she runs the show. We learned a lot from her interview and it is quite cool to learn how one of the greatest indie promotions in the country is ran.

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check out the interview here

Not only that, we had the Ace Of Spades Corey Spade come in for a LIVE debate as well as he is trying to #makePWAgreatagain. The debate was important to both candidates campaigns as the election is this Saturday night at The Alpine Cub at 7:30 PM. The questions were partially from the wrestlers, fans and the TUSPonCKMS squad. The debate was moderated by DJJD.

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At times the debate got quite out of hand as Ace Of Spades had some microphone issues causing Corey Spade to interrupt Commissioner Michelle from time to time. The winner of the debate is still unclear as the PWA fans are caught in between a rock and a hard place. We will have to find out what they have decided this Saturday.

Check out the debate here

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The TUSPonCKMS squad will see you down at the Alpine CLub at 7:30 this Saturday! Be sure to tune into our LIVE review of this event next week on TUSPonCKMS!
PWA march 11th card

The Lost Indie City “Lollapalooza” set list March 10 2017

The Lost Indie City “Lollapalooza/Music Festivals set list March 10 2017

Janes Addiction – Standing in the Shower Thinking
Living Color – Glamor Boys
Rollins Band – Low Self Opinion
Fishbone – Swim
Ministry – NWO
RATM – Know Your Enemy
Soundgarden – Loud Love
Lush – Nothing Natual
Tool – Opiate
Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole
Front 242 – Headhunter
Primus – My Name is Mud
Beastie Boys – Bodhisattva Vow
The Boo Radleys – Spun Around
The Verve – Slide Away
Smashing Pumpkins – Rhinoceros
Beck – Where its At
Pavement – Rattled by the Rush
Possum Dixon – Nerves
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Ramones – I Want You Around
Rancid – The 11th Hour
Soul Coughing – Super Bob Bon
Violent Femmes – American Music
Tricky- Tricky Kid
Orbital – The Saint

episode 185 agriculture show march 10 2017

James Otto and Stuart Snyder are in studio today. Respectively, they are the past and present chairman of the Waterloo Region Milk Producer Committee.  Check out for information about milk production in Ontario.  Our playlist:

  • Milk Bucket Boogie by Red Foley
  • Cow Cow Boogie by Campus Five
  • Milk Cow Blues by Sidney Bechet
  • Party Till The Cows Come Home by Albert Castiglia
  • Malted Milk by Robert Johnson
  • I Am Cow by The Arrogant Worms

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