The Tra La Las, Jesse Lebourdais & Jon Creeden

2012-04-04 7:00 pm

An 'all ages' musical evening featuring...

The Tra La Las; 'KW' folk rock!

Jesse Lebourdais; folk punk from 'British Columbia'!

Jon Creeden; our 'neck of the woods' acoustic punk!

Take a listen!

*Much love and thanks to Jesse Lebourdais for the poster design.
**This event is 'organized' by the artists, their friends, the venue, and the nice folks that show up!


< - Jon Creeden - >

Jon Creeden has been playing his acoustic guitar and yelling his heart out since the end of 2006. Jon Played his 100th show in February 2011 and since then has played over 60 more, touring across Canada and the United States.
The Fall will see a new split release with Cory Leveques with a Full Length to follow Spring 2012

< - Jesse Lebourdais - >

Coming out of the Vancouver Punk Rock scene as lead singer/guitar player for the melodic/hardcore band Cambridge, Jesse is no stranger to letting his opinions and his voice be heard. Mixing melody, social politics, gravitas and honesty into a raw expression, his solo acoustic performance is no different. Combining traditional Folk and Bluegrass styles with Punk Rock ethics and passion, the result is a sound all to his own, but you can sing along. As loud as you can.

The Worst Kind of Ambition is his first solo full length, self produced and released. March 2011 saw the release of the Little Mountain EP, also self produced/released. He is currently working on his 2nd full length album.

< - The Tra La Las - >

"Think Good Lovelies meets Test Their Logik" - Emily Slofstra, vocals, violin

The Tra La Las are Laura Ashfield, Janice Lee, Emily Slofstra and latest addition, Adam F.Lewis. They started making music together in 2008 after meeting in the Radical Choir. Drawn together by their mutual hairstyles and equally toothy smiles, their first songs were a mix of Andrews Sisters covers, unique versions of popular songs such as M.I.A’s Paper Planes, and an array of original songs that could largely be described as “cute”. While the standard instruments of guitar and piano are prominent in the music of the Tra La Las, violin and ukulele are also oft present, and the stage is usually stocked with other fun and unconventional gadgets such as the omnichord, melodica, glockenspiel, shaker, kazoo, harmonica, and trumpet, amongst others.

Over time Ashfield, Lee, Lewis and Slofstra branched out by stepping outside the “cute box” and to tackle deeper issues and musical ideas in their songwriting. All four have a passion for social justice, whether it is in Canada, Gaza, or in any area around the world affected by climate change. This passion is reflected in their songs, such as Police Man, which encapsulates shared experiences of police brutality in Copenhagen, Egypt and Toronto.

Onstage The Tra La Las share a fun and relaxed attitude, constantly joking and making their audiences laugh as they switch from ironic songs about tea parties gone wrong to sincere lyrics about missing friends. One week the band was playing their covers of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, and the next week they were asked to open for Fred Penner, a greater honour they had never imagined. 2011 brings the band back together with the new addition of Adam F. Lewis on drums after a 15-month hiatus. The Tra La Las released their EP ‘Fight The Tide’ October 7th, 2011.

“If there is one defining feature of The Tra La Las it’s their harmonies. The trio create a sound that is both nostalgic and yet somehow fresh and unheard of at the same time.” – Anthony Damaio, The Cord (Waterloo)

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The Tra Tra Las are a great

The Tra Tra Las are a great band. they know how to rock out the audience. i hope they play in vegas because thats where i live and over here there is nothing going on because i dont live near the strip. but okay back to what i was saying, i cant wait for them to preform!

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