Ted Harms from VOC Silent Film Harmonic's chats about Buster Keaton's Festival of Film Shorts on Coral FM

Ted Harms (and Penny The Wonderdog) from VOC Silent Film Harmonic return to chat about Buster Keaton's Shorts, at 8 pm Friday March 16 at The Registry Theatre. This is the last piece in this three part improv film music score series which has also included silent films Robert Wiene's The Hands of Orlac, and G.B.Pabst's Pandora's Box. Harms talks about Buster Keaton, "The Great Stone Face", and one of the stars of the silent film era. Of the approx 122 Keaton Shorts, Harms also outlines The Keaton Shorts that VOC decided to choose for the show. And right out of Desert Island Discs, Harms brought three pieces of music that continue to have a special meaning for him. Enjoy - Coral FM