FRIENDS OF SOUND FM Funding Drive, Nov 2-14 2015

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who supported us during our funding drive! Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will help ensure that SoundFM and it’s community stays on the air.

SOUND FM does not receive any funding from the universities, or large corporate sponsors. We depend on listeners like you to help keep community radio alive in Waterloo.


  • community run, community funded, community minded
  • non-profit, non-commercial, non-boring
  • committed to training community members in the techniques of broadcasting.
  • committed to serving the needs of community groups.
  • committed to showing the true diversity of Waterloo Region


  • introduce our listeners to new ideas, perspectives, and music
  • emphasize exposure of issues and activities that are important to the local community
  • support local arts talent
  • play music that you won’t hear on commercial radio
  • broadcasts news, analysis and discussion that you won’t hear on commercial radio