Sound FM Co-op

The Sound FM Co-Op: A Dedicated Community Sustaining CKMS 100.3FM.

-click here to download the printable .pdf of our co-op application-

The Sound FM co-op, also known as Radio Waterloo Inc, membership provides direction to the station through active participation and elects the station’s Board of Directors as members of Radio Waterloo Inc from within the eligible membership as set out in our Bylaws and Letters Patent. Co-op members undertake the required roles for the committees and outreach teams that help ensure the station can continue to operate with fewer restrictions while meeting its operating requirements. It is the role of the co-op, and its members, to ensure the long-term survival of CKMS. Becoming a member of the Sound FM co-op will expose your dedication to independent community radio and will help to sow the seeds of a healthy co-operative community in Waterloo region.
There are benefits to becoming a member to the co-op:

1. You are helping to fund the operating costs of a community radio station that:

-was incorporated in 1977, and has been organized and broadcasting since the 1960s,
-plays local, regional, and non-mainstream artists,
-works to minimize the amount of ad space on our wavelength a maximum of 5 minutes per hour,
-is autonomous to all but the community we serve (well and the CRTC...),
-allows you and your neighbours access to the airwaves to tell their stories and share their music, culture, and themselves.
-is actively building safer space and works to eliminate oppression.

2. Only members are eligible to host a radio show, so if you want to get on the air, you must become a member.

3. The more members we have, the cheaper it will become to join the co-op. Joining up today, will allow others, who may otherwise not been able to afford it, to join up tomorrow.

4. Members get first invites and access to workshops, shows, inside information and deals into the world of music, and occasional benefits from businesses around town.

5. Members get to take part in committees and be on teams that help the station run. Remember, this is a privilege for members only!

6. The 2011 Rate has been set at 25$ for the year (though additional donations are always welcomed), which is about 0.000047565$/minute.

7. Alternative modes to the mainstream of business operation are as important as alternatives outlets of media. Becoming a member of the co-op supports not only this important media outlet, but also the co-op model of operation and ownership.

To become a member of Radio Waterloo Inc's Programmer's co-op or for more info, contact our co-op admin:, visit our website: and return this form with cheque, cash, or money order to our studio. (Donations are not currently eligible for Tax Deductible Receipt)

Note: Membership in the Co-Op is Membership in Radio Waterloo. Payment of the Annual Co-Op Fee is also payment of the Radio Waterloo Fee required for membership in the corporation, so membership in the Co-Op is also membership in our Not for Profit Charity Corporation, Radio Waterloo Inc.