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Pick A Piper New album: Distance

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Pick A Piper is back with a new Album: Distance. This new album takes their work to a new level! Check out this podcast that spans various different era’s of work by this great band with ties to the KW community!

Then get your stuff together and meet us at Starlight! April 13th for Pick A Piper live in concert. These guys always put on a great show switching from synths to percussion to whatever else they can to produce the electro-rock vibes!

Top Songs of 2016

Based upon votes by the Mano Amigoes, CKMS Board members and Mano A Mano DJ’s here are CKMS’ Top Rock Releases of 2016.
#1 – Hot Hot Heat – The Kid Who Stays in the Picture
#3 – Holy F – Tom Tom
#4 Radio Head – Burn the Witch
#5 Smash Boom Pow – Listen to Me
#6 BadBadNotGood – Confessions Part II Featuring Colin Stetson
#7 The Pack AD – Fair Enough
#8 The Wet Secrets – Quelle Supreme
#9 Royal Canoe – Somersault
#10 Isomers – All Failures
#10 Pup – If this tour doesnt kill you, I will

2nd Annual Beer Tasting Competition

ContestantsThis past #COTM marked the “Second Annual Beer Tasting Competition”. Reigning Champion DJ Plan B was in studio competing to defend his title as the Worlds best Beer sampler. DJ Mattador who was also at the last competition was on hand to try and bounce back from his performance in last year.

In addition to these two athletes, DJ Jazzy TBD and DJ MuuTuu (aka DJ Reliable Son) won their way through the beer drinking ranks in the region for a chance to take on the champ.

The Brewery this year was the Block Three Brewing Company based in St. Jacobs Ontario. The representatives from the brewery were DJ Froyo and DJ KFBass (whose DJ names are awarded during the competition).

The Mano A Mano show tried to throw off the athletes by having them do the beer tasting competition in extreme temperatures however DJ Plan B was not phased as he took home the championship for the second year in a row! Check out the podcast below for the exciting festivities, great music selection and plot twist at the very end which we hope will be signs of the future! Annual Beer Tasting Competition.mp3


Block 3 Feature: Ian Somers Somers Feature.mp3

Above is our feature presentation of Ian Somers music from various different bands he has worked with. As one of our favourite musicians we are happy to bring to you his new track “All Failures” in the above podcast and since that podcast he has released one other track that can be heard here:

Block three Feature


MAM – A to Z show of great Towel Rock Selections

We rocked out what we feel is the sweetest towel rock set yet following the alphabet and choosing a band name that started with each letter. If you do not know any of these glorious tracks please look them up and enjoy!

Age of Electric – I don’t Mind
BR/DGES – Save the Best
Caribou – Julia Brightly
Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979
Eels – Going Fetal
Frightened Rabbit – Woke up hurting
The Gay Nineties – Letterman
Hot Hot Heat – No, Not Now
Islands – Don’t call me Whitney, Bobby.
Japandroids – Younger us
Kitchens & Bathrooms – Alphabet Conscious
Loveseat – The Drinking Game
Mounties – Headphones
New Pornographers – The Crash Years
Ought – the weather song
Patrons – Ghost
Queens of the Stone Age – Make it wit chu
Robot Apocalypse – Mechanical Heart
Said the Whale – My Government Heart
Tokyo Police Club – Gonna Be ready
Unicorns – I was born (a unicorn)
Veruca Salt – Seether
Wet Secrets – Grow your own F’ing Moustache, A-hole
Yukon Blonde – stairway
Zolas – your too cool

MAM: Mothers Day Selection pack

The Day after Mothers day we talked about our mothers days whereas the Lost Indie City prepared their list before the big weekend we were discussing it post party! It gave a whole different perspective on the wonderful day as the DJ’s of Mano A Mano were about to talk about specific heart felt moments from the day.

  1. Mother Mother – The Sticks
  2. Lunchmoney Lewis – MAMA
  3. Stella Ella Ola – Proud Mother Stomp
  4. Sun Kil Moon – I can’t live without my Mothers love
  5. Daft Punk – Motherboard
  6. 2Pac – Dear Momma
  7. LACKOFSLEEP – Mother | Son | Ghost
  8. Said the Whale – Mother

MAM: Towel Rock infused with Punk Playlist

Following the “Lost indie City” program a few weeks back we followed up their punk show with a punk show of our own, however we chose songs of the Towel Rock Genre that have been infused with a heavy influence of Punk. Here is our list!

  1. Topanga – Back against the wall
  2. Life in Vacuum – Seven
  3. Brand New – Seventy Times 7
  4. Polkaholics – Pimps of Polka
  5. Me First & the Gimme Gimme’s – Nothing Compares to You
  6. The Mark Inside – Shark Attack
  7. Dropkick Murphy’s – Bastards on Parade
  8. Hot Hot Heat – Le Le Low

Robot Apocalypse: Block Three Feature

Robot Apocalypse Evan
We recently had Evan from the Robot Apocalypse Collective in the CKMS Studio to share some Block Three Brewing Company Kind Street Saison’s, talk about new collaborations and where he gets inspiration for this exciting collaborative project. In addition to playing a few Robot Apocalypse tracks the Mano A Mano DJ’s play a throwback Song from Evans former band “Run Down Royalty” from when they were in the CKMS studio Years ago.