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Been a proud member at CKMS since 2011! As a Motorsports and Pro-Wrestling enthusiast, DJJD spends a lot of his time watching wrestling and racing from around the globe! He has been a huge Vinyl & Die-Cast collector for quite some time. Formally the host of "Up Late" which aired Saturday nights for 3 seasons, JD has come back with his podcast "The Underground Sound Project", and is now proudly pumping TUSP through the airwaves in the tri cities!

Through The Ropes: PWA @ Alpine Club 09.22.16 podcast

Here is “Through The Ropes”, K-W’s #1 wrestling podcast! Be sure to tune in to 100.3 this Monday 2-4 PM for the rebroadcast of this episode of Through The Ropes! We will also have another follow up show this Thursday LIVE 4-6 PM.

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In this episode of TTR, DJJD & The Pehpeh recap the PWA event at The Alpine Club on September 17th! It was one of the best wrestling shows we’ve even been too! Even if WWE didn’t let their fans down by cancelling their event at The Aud this month, the PWA event still would have been the better show!

You can also check out our slideshow of photos here. And you can listen to the recap on the podcast right below!

Make sure you check them out at the Red Chevron in Guelph on October 21st and at the Alpine Club in Kitchener on October 22nd!

PWA’s website where you can find where to get tickets!

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TUSP @ PWA at Alpine Club

The Underground Sound Project was at the PWA event in Kitchener at the Alpine Club on September 17th 2016.

What a night in Kitchener!

1. Reckless Ryan Swift defeated Ben Ortmanns
2. Notorious Tid defeated Atlantis
3. Beautiful Beaa defeated Patsy Blue to remain Elite Womens Champion
4. Elian Habanero defeated Jesse Bieber
5. Carl XL Leduc defeated Andrew Davis
6. Mike Hart/Lance Malibu/Lenny Lilac defeated Corey Spade/Jimmy King/Joey Allen in a no hold barred match

The #1 Wrestling Podcast on the FM dial in the region was there to enjoy some local grassroots wrestling! TUSP will be LIVE this Thursday 4-6 to recap everything that happened. Check out some pictures here.

PWA Ontario Champ Reggie Marley Interview on TUSP: Through The Ropes

On this past episode of The Underground Sound Project‘s professional wrestling podcast “Through The Ropes”, we had the new PWA Ontario Champ Reggie Marley come by the studio.

our pic outside of the studio
our pic with the champ outside of the studio


It was such a thrill to be able to have  the new PWA Ontario Champion Reggie Marley come to the new CKMS studio in the Old Boehmer Box Building on Breithaupt and Duke!

some real hard hitting questions
some real hard hitting questions!

Being the #1 best wrestling podcast in the region, it was a perfect time and place to have the new PWA Ontario champ, “The Big Ticket” Reggie Marley , come in and talk about his upbringing and how he got into professional wrestling, and his involvement with PWA Canada‘s new professional wrestling promotion  PWA Trinidad & Tobego.

DJJD Reggie & Pehpeh talking outside of the CKMS studio
DJJD Reggie & Pehpeh talking outside of the CKMS studio Be sure to check out their next event in Kitchener September 17th at . There will be special all ladies card before the usual event at 7:30. Be sure to check out their website  for more updates.


Be sure to check out their next event in Kitchener September 17th at The Alpine Club. There will be special all ladies card before the usual event at 7:30. Be sure to check out their website for more updates.

better get used to that gold over that shoulder...
better get used to that gold over that shoulder…

Big thanks to Reggie Marley and PWA for sending their new champ out to the studio. Hope to see you there September 17th!

Pehpeh doing some gimmick infringement!
Pehpeh doing some gimmick infringement!

You can listen to the whole episode of this very special edition of The Underground Sound Project: Through The Ropes below!

Through The Ropes & CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports on TUSP

On this new edition of TTR, we take you behind the curtains of some of the things going on in the locker room in the WWE. We also are discussing the Raw VS Smackdown angle. And we have new PWA Canada results in!

Plus this week on WWOM, we recap the epic win by rookie Chris Buescher at the Pocono race this past weekend. We continue to discuss the legend Jeff Gordon and some of the battles he has to face in his return to Sprint Cup, and our picks for this weekends race at the newly repaved Watkins Glenn!

The Underground Sound Project is LIVE every Thursday from 4-6 PM. It is also rebroadcast on Mondays 2-4 PM.

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