So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 27, 2015

1. Yes, I’m Down (Beatles cover)
2. The Who, The Ox
3. Santana, Europa (live)
4. Keith Richards, Trouble (from forthcoming album Crosseyed Heart, out in September)
5. Primal Scream, Rocks
6. Bob Dylan, Seeing The Real You At Last
7. The Kinks, A Little Bit Of Abuse
8. Lou Reed, Sally Can’t Dance
9. Tom Wilson, The Right Thing
10. Joe Cocker, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
11. Spencer Davis Group, Keep On Running
12. Vanilla Fudge, She’s Not There
13. Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland, Yield Not To Temptation
14. Stephen Stills, In My Life (Beatles cover)
15. Little Feat, Tripe Face Boogie (live)
16. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Sunspot Baby
17. J.J. Cale, Don’t Cry Sister
18. John Mellencamp, Melting Pot
19. Mott The Hoople, Thunderbuck Ram
20. Eric Clapton, Have You Ever Loved A Woman (live)
21. Bruce Springsteen, Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
22. Genesis, The Cinema Show
23. Blue Oyster Cult, M.E. 262 (live)
24. Deep Purple, Lazy (live from 2013 Now What?! tour)

The Grand Rivers Blues Camp – 2015!

Alexis plays the Grand River Blues Camp Showcase at The BIA Stage Friday Aug 7 between 2:10 and 4:10 pm.
Alexis Boudreau plays the Grand River Blues Camp Showcase at The BIA Stage Friday Aug 7 between 2:10 and 4:10 pm.

“This show is remarkable and it really is what kicks off the Bluesfest. Families are there. People who getting started at the Festival are there. And it is a packed house. What a great experience it is to witness this.” – Claude Cloutier, Artistic Director,TD Kitchener Blues Festvial. 

The Grand River Blues Society has adopted a mandate to educate young people about the blues.  Since 2008 they have run this annual Grand River Blues Camp, a day-camp experience for young musicians from 12-18 years of age. For many years now, Blues Campers have benefited from instruction by and performance experience with local, working blues musicians.  This is a unique learning experience for young musicians and a mentoring opportunity (providing additional revenue) for local blues musicians.
The Eighth Annual Grand River Blues Camp is planned for the summer of 2015, from August 4 to August 7;  the week leading up to the Kitchener Blues Festival.  The 2015 Camp will be held at Courtland Public School, Kitchener, ON.

Braydon Kains plays "Under a Blue Moon" July 31 and The Bluesfest Mainstage Sat Aug 8 at noon with Youth Legacy winners Box Man Groove.
Braydon Kains plays “Under a Blue Moon” fundraiser at The Blue Moon Friday July 31 and The Bluesfest Mainstage Sat Aug 8 at noon with Youth Legacy winners Box Man Groove.

Young musicians who play guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, horns or harmonica will find this a wonderful opportunity to learn about blues and meet other young musicians. Grand River Blues Camp will be of particular interest to young musicians who want to perform.  During this exciting week campers will learn learn licks, a full set of blues tunes, how to jam and perform on stage.
The most exciting feature of Grand River Blues Camp is the Grand River Blues Camp Showcase.  This will be a culminating performance by our Blues Campers on Friday afternoon, August 7, between 2:15 pm and 4:15 pm on BIA stage (downtown Kitchener at King and Benton Streets) at the 2015 Kitchener Blues Festival – an amazing opportunity to participate in the Festival and to perform for friends and family.

There is nothing I like doing more than writing about promising new musicians. It was KBF Mel Brown Award Recipient Cheryl Lescom who first spoke to me about this amazing concept several years ago. I remember seeing the Blues Camp show last year at the BIA stage with a capacity audience – one of my fave parts of this three day event.

GPP Blues Camp

It was my great pleasure to have both the students and several of the instructors from The Grand River Blues Camp (now in its eighth year) as my very special guests. Students Alexis Boudreau, Joshua David, and Braydon Kains performed several songs live in the Sound FM studios.
They were joined by Grand River Blues Camp instructors (all locally based working professional blues musicians) Cheryl Lescom, Mike McDonald, Alana Leonard, (2015 head instructor) Don Featherstone, plus Grand River Blues Camp co-director Dennis Cuomo.

Joshua David (far left) plays the Festival Mainstage Sat Aug 8 with Box Man Groove. He is also working on aa acoustic album with musician/vocal coach Ray Lyell.
Joshua David plays the Festival Mainstage Sat Aug 8 with Box Man Groove. He is also working on an acoustic album with musician/vocal coach Ray Lyell.

Other teachers of the Blues Camp include John Lee, Chris Latta, Colin White, (former student) Matt Weidinger (former student), John McKinley, David Rodenburg, and Andy Gingerich, plus organizer Janet McKerron Wendell and Blues Camp co-director George White.

The Grand River Blues Camp show is Friday Aug 7 between 2:10 and 4:10 pm at The BIA Stage at King and Benton streets.

Blues Camp Podcast music – “Next to You” – waterstreet blues band – Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues; Conor Gains Band – “Lazy Boy” from Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues; Braydon Kains; “Pride and Joy” (Stevie Ray Vaughan cover); Joshua David; “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember (Otis Redding cover); Alexis Boudreau – “Little by Little” (B.B. King cover); Colin White – (former Blues Camp student) “Vacation to Nowhere” from Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues; Johanna Pavia (former Blues Camp student) and SoulDrive “Work It On Out” – from SoulDrive; Cheryl Lescom “Soul Shakin’ Romance” from 1953; Braydon Kains (Eagles Cover) “Witchy Woman” Joshua David; (original song) – “Am I Being Naive”; Alexis Boudreau, Braydon Kains, Joshua David – “The Letter” (Joe Cocker cover); Matt Weidinger – “Stick It Out for More” from Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues.

For more info go to 

For more on “Under a Blue Moon” go to 

**To the Grand River Blues Camp students … Go get Em! To all the Blues Camp teachers – Bravissimo! Thanks for encouraging and enlightening these artists and bringing them one step closer to their dream of playing the stages of tomorrow. – Coral FM.**

Here is my Grand River Blues Camp podcast.


TD Kitchener Bluesfest Artistic Director Claude Cloutier profiles the 2015 Bluesfest Line-Up! Yowser!


Claude Cloutier - The Artistic Director of TD Kitchener Blues Fest.
Claude Cloutier – The Artistic Director of TD Kitchener Blues Fest.

From August 6 to 9 Waterloo Region will be resonating with the Blues from Rock and Roll, Roots, Americana, Vintage Blues, Chicago’s West Side Blues, Rockabilly, R&B, plus Soul, Gospel, and the young players of tomorrow through the Grand River Blues Camp and The Youth Legacy Winners.
It was my great pleasure to have TD Kitchener Blues Festival Artistic Director Claude Cloutier as my special co-host as we profiled some of the incredible acts that will grace three stages during the days and heat up the local bar scene at night. Claude also premiered selected tracks from the official TD Kitchener Blues Festival 2015 “Burnin Up the Blues” Volume XIV!

Claude’s playlist – Surrender – Cheryl Lescom – 1953, Shakin House Blues – catl – from The Official KW Bluesfest XIV Compilation,  I’m Feelin’ Lucky – Poppa Chubby – I’m Feelin Lucky, Nikki Hall – I’ve Got A Man – Here’s Nikki Hall  *For Claude from Coral FM – On the Wall – David Johansen and The Harry Smiths – S/T – Rollin’ – Current Swell – KW Bluesfest XIV Compilation and Claude’s wishlist act – Jack White – Lazaretto!

I also added some of my personal faves to this list. These artists are also playing The 2015 TD Kitchener Bluesfest. Watch for them on the stages in the workshops!

Work It Out – Johanna Pavia and Souldrive – S/T – Souldrive, Lynn Jackson – Poker Face – Down in the Dust, Road Outta Hell – Big Rude Jake – Quicksand, Guardian Song – Charity Brown ( this year’s Mel Brown Blues Award recipient) – Wings of Time, Hobo Flats – Mel Brown – Chicken Fat Hot Tub Mambo – Mo Kauffey – Dig It – Right or Wrong – Soul Mission-  S/T,  Ain’t Too Pleased – 24th Street Wailers – Wicked and Ginger St. James – Boom, Boom, Room
 For the complete schedule of the TD Kitchener Bluesfest please go to
(Please pump of the volume when you listen to this one!)

Happy 15th Anniversary! See you in the Bluesfest Aisles!  – Coral FM 


Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld

Colin Stetson is a past Mano A Mano “Rock Cut Feature Band of the Week” and is featured in an episode of the “Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff” (Mano A Mano’s Radio Comic that features only CDN content)

So, when this new Colin Stetson collaboration with Sarah Neufeld came into the station it immediately peaked our attention. After one listen it is amazing! Check out the new material above in our podcast and if you haven’t see what Colin Stetson can do check him out in the video below:

Glenn Buhr and The Button Factory Band wrap up the Elora Music Festival Starlight Series Sat July 25

Gleen Buhr and The Button Factory Band
Gleen Buhr and The Button Factory Band


Glenn Buhr, guitars/piano/vocals

Glenn Buhr has a broad and various musical life. He’s a singer/songwriter; a powerful performer his own songs, and he’s also developed a reputation as creator and performer of unique remixes of classic blues, rock and popular songs, giving them all his own peculiar compositional voice.

Recently he’s worked with Madeleine Peyroux, Ron Sexsmith, Kiran Alhuwalia and Sarah Slean as arranger, producer and composer. He won the Genie Award for best song from the film Seven Times Lucky in 2005, and he’s the winner two recent SOCAN awards for his music.

Buhr is also a composer of concert and stage music for symphony orchestra’s, ballet companies, string quartets and various chamber ensembles. He became well known in Canada in the mid-80’s when the Toronto and Montreal Symphony Orchestras first championed his work, and in the mid-90’s as front man – with conductor Bramwell Tovey – of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival. Visit

Mike Anderson, guitar/laptop/vocals

A musical jack of all trades, Mike Anderson performs professionally as a jazz keyboardist, laptop artist, singer-songwriter, and virtuoso guitarist. Mike’s musical skills and interests range from the populism of his songwriting and improvisation (especially with his work in the indie band Blind), to the experimental, especially his celebrated performances of his own electronic compositions in various clubs in southwestern Ontario.

Victor Bateman, bass/guitar/vocals

Victor Bateman has spent the past 32 years playing music in, around, and outside of Toronto. During this time he’s had the good fortune to perform and record with many excellent musicians in a variety of styles and situations. They include country music with The Good Brothers, Sylvia Tyson and Quartette, blues with Amos Garrett and Chris Whiteley, improvisatory music with CCMC, Jean Derome, and Lori Freedman, jazz with Reg Schwager and Laura Hubert, folk music with Murray Maclauchlan, Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington, and Eve Goldberg, pop music with Jill Barber and Big Sugar, klezmer music with the Flying Bulgars. as well as contemporary concert music and opera by Anthony Braxton, Wende Bartley and Nic Gotham.

Brandon Miguel Valdivia, drums/percussion

Brandon Miguel Valdivia is a percussionist, mbira-ist, flautist and composer. He studied composition and percussion performance at Wilfrid Laurier University and has studied West African percussion, Mbira Dzavadzimu, Javanese Gamelan and Latin American percussion. He is involved in the experimental folk band Picastro, the improv/world music/psych duo Not the Wind, Not the Flag and punk/psych/folk band Pachamama, and his solo project Mas Aya. He has appeared on releases for local and international labels such as Barnyard Records, Medusa Editions, Bug Incision Records, Healing Power Records, Alien8, Polyvinyl, Spool and Constellation Records.

He has also composed and performed music for theatre groups such as MT Space in Kitchener, IXOK’ Theatre Collective, Aluna Theatre, Clay and Paper Theatre in Toronto, and the Red Snow Collective. Brandon has performed throughout Canada, the United States, China, Europe and in Colombia.

For more info –

Glenn Buhr was recently my special guest on Coral FM. Here is a little podcast we did regarding his latest project Glenn Buhr and The Button Factory Band! – I decided not to play Jackhammer at the end of Glenn’s chat! This piece is best experienced live!!! Excelsior – Coral FM.




“Under a Blue Moon” at The Blue Moon July 31

Under A Blue Moon AtThe Blue Moon (1)

It’s the perfect way to kick off a long weekend and to hold a fundraiser to help “Raise The Roof” At The Blue Moon!

Hosted By: Bernie Vandonk

Band Line Up And Times

Erick Traplin 3:00-4:00pm/Sandy MacDonald 4:30-6:00pm/Braydon Kains Band 7:30-8:00pm
The Tree Room:
Silvia Dee and The Boyfriend 6-10pm
The Cellar Room
Colin White Band 7:30-8:30pm
The Johnny Max Band 8:30-11:30pm
The Wilmot Room
Kauffey Temple 7:00-8:15pm
Jack de Keyzer 8:00-11:00pm
The Beggars Banquet 11:00-1:00am

Kids Activities

Clown, Raffles, 50/50 Draws
Garage Sale Noon-5:00pm


$25 Full Access
$10 Patio & Cellar Room
Available at: The Blue Moon
Encore Records 
Orange Monkey
Guitar Corner

Funk Olive Hair Studio –

Contact Bernie at: 519-501-6727  or call 519-634-5421

The Blue Moon is currently running a crowd-funding campaign to help with renovations of this Historic Heritage Building. For more info about this initiative please visit or call 519-634-5421.

And watch for more “Raise the Roof” nights to come! – Coral FM

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 20, 2015

Bald Boy not in, on vacation, celebrating birthday. Here’s the programmed set list for Monday, July 20, 2015…

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 20, 2015

1. The Rolling Stones, Yesterday’s Papers
2. Headstones, Swinging
3. The Beatles, I’m Only Sleeping
4. Deep Purple, Maybe I’m A Leo
5. Black Sabbath, Killing Yourself To Live
6. Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song
7. Etta James, Stop The Wedding
8. ZZ Top, Koko Blue
9. Alice Cooper, Raped And Freezin’
10. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Freeways
11. Bob Dylan, Masters Of War
12. Free, I’m A Mover
13. Chicago, Loneliness Is Just A Word
14. Otis Spann, One Room Country Shack
15. Pearl Jam, Let My Love Open The Door
16. The Band, King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
17. B.B. King, Got My Mojo Working
18. Blackie And The Rodeo Kings, Down By The Henry Moore
19. Bruce Cockburn, Making Contact
20. Rush, Spindrift
21. Neil Young, Cripple Creek Ferry
22. Jethro Tull, No Lullaby
23. The Allman Brothers Band, Mountain Jam

Rock Cut Video: For Esme “You”

Coming up on July 24th is the WAYHOME music festival! The line-up boasts some great musicians from across the content including one of our past feature bands: For Esme

This podcast was released a while ago when we found their vinyl in the station! We were thrilled to test out the vinyl and find a rich combination of atmospheric sounds combined with great song writing. For Esme has just released a new track and is set to release a new album called “Sugar” later on this year. The new track is called “You”. This months Rock Cut Video is “You” by For Esme. Check it out below!

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 13, 2015

1. The Clash, Police On My Back (live)
2. AC/DC, Crabsody In Blue
3. The Rolling Stones, Doom And Gloom (live)
4. Elton John, First Episode At Hienton
5. Joe Jackson, Got The Time (live)
6. The Darkness, Bald
7. The Band, Time To Kill
8. Aerosmith, Cheese Cake
9. Concrete Blonde, Someday?
10. Big Sugar, Ride Like Hell
11. Led Zeppelin, The Lemon Song
12. Montrose, Spaceage Sacrifice
13. Fleetwood Mac, Women Of 1,000 Years
14. J. Geils Band, Takin’ You Down
15. UFO, Lights Out
16. Whitesnake, Day Tripper
17. Marianne Faithfull, Sister Morphine
18. Gov’t Mule, End Of The Line (live)
19. CAN, Thief
20. Pete Townshend, Guantanamo
21. Pete Townshend, How Can I Help You * 20 & 21 new tracks from recently released Truancy: The Very Best Of Pete Townshend
22. Wishbone Ash, Sometime World
23. The Allman Brothers Band, You Don’t Love Me (live)