2014 Roadbreakers Road Hockey Tournament (29th Annual)

2014-04-21 9:00 am
2014-04-21 6:00 pm

From Morning Until Dinner on Saturday April 26th in the Seagram Ave Parking Lots of University of Waterloo for the 29th Annual Roadbreakers Charity Road Hockey Tournament.

CKMS - SoundFM will once again be supplying tunes on site for the day from our portable studio!!

more info at http://roadbreakers.ca

Rock Cut Feature Band: The Pack A.D.

Not only are we featuring great music by the Pack AD this episode of our Rock Cut Feature, BUT we also have Pack AD stuff to give away! Tweet us @mamradio
Or message us at the site below:


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So Old It's New set list for Monday, April 21, 2014

So Old It's New set list for Monday, April 21/14 (band/artist, song)

1. Deep Purple, Lady Double Dealer
2. Deep Purple, Living Wreck
3. Chicago, Liberation
4. Pretenders, The Wait
5. Ian Gomm, Hold On
6. Peter Tosh, Mystic Man
7. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, Shadow Of A Doubt
8. Sweet, Love Is Like Oxygen
9. Paris, Religion
10. Brian Ferry, Slave To Love
11. Uriah Heep, Come Away Melinda
12. Rod Stewart, Only A Hobo
13. John Mellencamp, Walk Tall
14. Eric Clapton, Next Time You See Her
15. Free, Come Together In The Morning

Rock Cut Feature Band: For Esmé

Look at that title! I was even able to get the é with the accent aigu! Check out this band "For Esmé" their music is very cool with a great vibe and they have sweet WHITE vinyl.


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Up next on CKMS... Denim Entertainment Radio!!! Every Thursday from 4 - 6 pm.

Up next on CKMS! Kickin' off another 'College Night' Thursday on CKMS.... DENIM ENTERTAINMENT RADIO!!! 4 -6 pm. Episode 64 today is featuring the sounds of two great local DJ's doing a split set! DJ's, Oddie and Metas-One holding down the show today!
Don't miss tune in 100.3 fm or live stream it! #turnituploud #djdenim #metas #oddie #denimradio #bangers #housemusic #electro #dnb #trap #highenergyradio #commercialfree #campusradio #communityradio #supportyourlocalcommunitycampusradiostation ! : )

DJ Gogaliesha vs DJ Rockrilla in a battle of elementary pop!

DJ Gogaliesha who is the Mano A Mano informant on all things LEGO, video games, LEGO video games or animals takes on DJ Rockrilla a newer DJ on the SoundFM circuit. Vote for which DJ you think played the superior tracks at:


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The Electrifying Sessions April 1, 2014

DJ Jeff-E-Jeff reviews a 3 shows from the busy week. The sessions intro stars the boys from Mano-a-Mano. The bands included in the review are:
Each Other
Life in Vacuum
The Caution Children
New Wings
Green Tree Frogs/Audio Boffins

28:30 minutes (26.09 MB)

A spot of Tea (or Rock Cut) in the back of the lorry battle by Mano A Mano

This was DJ Pikey Petes last night as a Mano A Mano intern. He did a great job while he was with the Mano A Mano show learning the mixer. He even did a great job co-hosting the show and battling against the ever relentless DJ AdRock.


38:35 minutes (35.32 MB)

Rock Cut Feature: Zola's and Mounties concert and Zola's new Album!

We went to this show to see the Mounties. We knew they rocked and they did not disappoint. We were surprised to see how awesome the Zola's were as well. We review the concert and some new Zola's Tracks.


29:44 minutes (27.22 MB)

Interview with Dino Cheung of the Green Tree Frogs!

The Electrifying Sessions catches up with Dino Cheung before his show in Waterloo on his cross province tour. Dino helped make a very special intro for this weeks session.

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