The Electrifying Sessions April 1, 2014

DJ Jeff-E-Jeff reviews a 3 shows from the busy week. The sessions intro stars the boys from Mano-a-Mano. The bands included in the review are:
Each Other
Life in Vacuum
The Caution Children
New Wings
Green Tree Frogs/Audio Boffins

28:30 minutes (26.09 MB)

A spot of Tea (or Rock Cut) in the back of the lorry battle by Mano A Mano

This was DJ Pikey Petes last night as a Mano A Mano intern. He did a great job while he was with the Mano A Mano show learning the mixer. He even did a great job co-hosting the show and battling against the ever relentless DJ AdRock.

38:35 minutes (35.32 MB)

Rock Cut Feature: Zola's and Mounties concert and Zola's new Album!

We went to this show to see the Mounties. We knew they rocked and they did not disappoint. We were surprised to see how awesome the Zola's were as well. We review the concert and some new Zola's Tracks.

29:44 minutes (27.22 MB)

Interview with Dino Cheung of the Green Tree Frogs!

The Electrifying Sessions catches up with Dino Cheung before his show in Waterloo on his cross province tour. Dino helped make a very special intro for this weeks session.

59:52 minutes (54.81 MB)

So Old It's New set list for Monday, April 7, 2014

So Old It's New set list for Monday, April 7/14 (band/artist, song)

1. Graham Parker, Endless Night
2. Elton John, Grow Some Funk Of Your Own
3. Buddy Guy, Feels Like Rain
4. Aerosmith, Movin' Out
5. Junkhouse, Flood
6. Styx, Suite Madame Blue
7. Blackie And The Rodeo Kings, Folsom Prison Blues
8. Meatloaf, I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
9. Nick Gilder, Hot Child In The City
10. The Rolling Stones, Continental Drift
11. Joe Cocker, Midnight Rider
12. Ian Dury, If I Was With A Woman
13. Stone Temple Pilots, Big Bang Baby
14. Foreigner, Love Has Taken Its Toll

Tokyo Police Club - The Rock Cut Feature Band of the Week!

Tokyo Police Club is back with with a brand new album "Forcefield". AND it is AWESOME! Listen to a few choice tracks here!

16:50 minutes (15.42 MB)

April Fools Tricks / Top Shelf / The Pikey Pete Mystery Track!

WIN Awesome prizes of Awesomeness! Including Lake of Bays Brewing Company Products by listening to the Mano A Mano show!

29:39 minutes (27.15 MB)

'College Night' Thursdays on CKMS!

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episode 75 the agriculture show april1 2014 by jeff stager, 7 speakers from The Ontario Poets Society (TOPS)

Our guests today were representing The Ontario Poetry Society, or TOPS.
Our guests in studio were Roberto Angelis (branch manager), Fran Figge (ontario president), Jockie Loomer-Kruger, Barbara Lefcourt, and Patricia McGoldrick. Out of studio guests John Oisthoorn and Debbie Okunhill whose poems were recited by the in studio guests. The music today was created by Roberto Angelis.

90:56 minutes (62.43 MB)
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